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Mortgage Company Thanks Clients with the Pop Up House

Mortgage Company Thanks Clients with the Pop Up House
August 14, 2019

The folks at Loan Simple know that buying a house can be stressful. In fact, their mission is to help home buyers find the best mortgages on the market “without any of the brain damage” often associated with getting one.

So to make the process more enjoyable, they’ve come up with a clever way to thank their clients: a Pop Up House.

“Initially, we were sending out a Thank You box, but it got to be a little cost-prohibitive. It was just running way beyond our budget,” said the company’s Director of Design, Tonya Henry. “We were looking for something that was within budget and was more unique. We’re a mortgage company, so having the Pop Up House was the perfect fit.”

The design, which is a perfect tool for brands to stay top-of-mind, is activated by a rubber band that automatically “pops” into shape. The Red Paper Plane Pop Up House mails flat, making it cost-effective, and lends itself to whatever creative graphics, messaging, logos or photography that are relevant to your business.

After discovering Red Paper Plane online, Henry and her team began conceptualizing the “Thank You Pop Up House”. Among the design elements, they wanted to bring special attention to the charities they support. To date, Loan Simple has made more than 5,700 donations.

“With every loan we close, we donate to various charities like Feeding America, The Wildlife Fund and Water.org,” Henry said. “We were easily able to showcase each of these charities on the House, so it just put everything together, visually, for our home-buyers.”

Also included is the company’s contact information, located under the flap, which Henry said she can customize for each agent.

“We sent the ‘Thank You Houses’ as soon as the loan was closed,” Henry said. “The loan officer would have these houses and could send them with a personalized note or could maybe put a gift card to Home Depot in it. It was just a unique way to say 'thank you' and, ‘hey, look what you did. You helped other people around the world when you chose to work with us’.”

Now that the pieces have been distributed, Henry said she has already received positive feedback.

“Our loan officers and home-buyers love them and I’ve been told they hang onto them for a little while. Either their children want to play with them or they live on their kitchen counters for a few weeks.” she said. “We were really happy with the overall quality, love the vibrant colors and it’s perfect that our home-buyers have a reminder of Loan Simple in their new home for a bit.”

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