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NACUBO Promotes Annual Meeting to Corporate Partners with the Large Well Box

NACUBO Promotes Annual Meeting to Corporate Partners with the Large Well Box
August 28, 2019

Tadu Yimam, Senior Director, Online Learning and Publications, and Earla Jones, Director, Conference Services, American Library Association (formerly Senior Director, Annual Meeting at NACUBO), were looking for a single unifying experience to promote the association's upcoming annual meeting to corporate partners.

Built around the theme “We are the Journey,” the NACUBO 2019 Annual Meeting is an opportunity for institutional and corporate attendees to discover the latest trends in all areas of campus finance and administration. It took place in Austin, TX this past July.

“When we’re looking for creative ideas or pieces that stand out, we use [Red Paper Plane], Yimam said.

Adding that the organization has worked with Structural Graphics’ sister company three times, Jones noted that the pieces are more than decoration.

“These pieces usually have some type of functional component,” Jones added. “They don’t get thrown away and they typically stay on people’s desks.”

Staying true to the meeting’s theme, Yimam and Jones elected to use Red Paper Plane’s Large Well Box design with a special gift inside - a tape measure.

“The piece was a combination of things; a promotional mix, an educational piece with statistics and a reminder of how business partners can achieve their goals at our meeting,” Yimam said. “We’re lucky to have the ability to think creatively and have the resources to invest in projects like this.”

As the name implies, the Well Box features a rectangular well in which brands can place a USB device, key chain or other promotional items unique to their business. This is an incredibly useful format to deliver information and educate recipients on your business, services or products that go beyond a standard web page.

Yimam, whose team conceptualized the design in-house, said her experience using Red Paper Plane was fantastic.

“As soon as I had a problem, I was contacted within minutes by [a representative] and they fixed it...your customer service was fantastic.” Yimam said.

The finished pieces were shipped to NACUBO and delivered to recipients in early 2019.

“They turned out great,” Jones said. “It was exactly what I envisioned. Internally and externally, people are really impressed by it.”