Jasco Pop-Up Cube Featuring DC Comics Drives Booth Traffic

Jasco Pop-Up Cube Featuring DC Comics Drives Booth Traffic

Jasco Pop-Up Cube Featuring DC Comics Drives Booth Traffic

For the National Hardware Show, Jasco Products Company was launching a new line of DC Comics Branded Projectables® LED Night Lights and wanted to really catch the attention of buyers. In the past it had used a standard flat, two-sided mailers, but the DC Comics Super Heroes warranted something unique and dynamic.

“We came across Red Paper Plane from a direct mail piece sent to one of our product managers,” recalls Sarah Johnson, media coordinator for Jasco. “He passed it to me, and I showed it to our tradeshow coordinator and VP of marketing. When they saw the 3” Pop-Up Cube, they responded with instant smiles!”

Because Jasco was offering picture opportunities with Batman at the booth, it used Batman as a teaser on the envelope. Inside was the Pop-Up Cube, fastened with a zip strip. When opened, the Cube exploded into a colorful desk display. The side panels had a Gotham City background and featured all of the iconic DC Comics Super Heroes. One of the panels showed a map to the booth and another promoted an iPad giveaway.

The Pop-Up Cube design provided ample branding space, and we received positive comments and feedback from buyers,” says Johnson. “Buyers receive many invitations from various brands, so knowing that we were on the top of their minds was very telling. The response affirmed our decision to deviate from the traditional and embrace the unconventional.”

Because the pop-up format also serves as a desk display, the Cube helped to extend the lifespan of Jasco’s message. “Buyers generally only keep invites until the show, then throw them away,” says Johnson. “But they are likely to keep this on their desks, along with our phone number and website address!”

Jasco printed 180 Cubes and sent them to buyers 2–3 weeks in advance of the show. The results? Not only did Jasco receive positive comments about the fun and exciting invite, but 70% of those invited stopped by the booth.

Jasco 3" Pop-Up Cube with Zip Strip Drives Booth Traffic