Cushman & Wakefield Escapes "Cheesy and Boring"

Cushman & Wakefield Escapes "Cheesy and Boring"

Cushman & Wakefield Escapes "Cheesy and Boring"

The National Industrial Advisory Group of Cushman & Wakefield, a global real estate company, was looking to send out a mid-year recap of accomplishments to its top clients.

Traditionally, the group has worked through online channels, but this time, notes Kelly Geisel, Cushman & Wakefield’s senior marketing specialist, it decided to use print. But it couldn’t be just any print. The Group deals with clients at the highest level of industrial investment sales.

“These companies are bombarded with traditional postcards and flyers,” says Geisel. “Our brokers did not want to send out something ‘cheesy and boring.’ They wanted something special and different.”

Geisel remembered seeing three-dimensional promotional pieces online before and went searching. She came across Red Paper Plane, ordered samples of its Exploding Page, and was hooked.

When the mailer is opened, the page “explodes” open along scores and creases to reveal an array of logos of clients — truly a “who’s who” of corporate America — and the names of selected companies and the deals they have closed. The page also reveals Noteworthy Trends and uses in infographic style along the top to promote some of Cushman & Wakefield’s key accomplishments.

Clients received an extended online version of the branding piece and the condensed physical mailer as a follow up one month later.

“The Exploding Page is different, interesting, and really catches your eye,” Geisel says. “It’s the kind of thing that you’d walk over to the guy next to you and say, ‘Hey look at this!’ That’s exactly what we wanted.”

Would Cushman & Wakefield use Red Paper Plane again? Absolutely! “In fact, others in the office who have seen the extras on the desk have come over to ask me where they came from,” Geisel concludes. “That mailer has gotten a lot of traction around here!”