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PRI Healthcare Solutions Builds Brand Awareness for New Product: Cube 4D

PRI Healthcare Solutions Builds Brand Awareness for New Product: Cube 4D
November 16, 2021

Who: PRI Healthcare Solutions

Their Industry: Pharmaceuticals

Their Audience: Healthcare Professionals

Their Challenge: Building brand awareness for their client’s new product, Cube 4D

Our Solution: Extendo® Pop Up

The Main Pro: The Extendo® Pop Up offers ample space to share the features of Cube 4D and acts as a mini version of the actual product

As the medical communications division of Haymarket Media, PRI Healthcare Solutions is a go-to partner for pharmaceutical marketers. They are credited with having helped launch more than 45 successful brands.

One of their clients was looking to build brand awareness for a new product called Cube 4D which they describe as “the next-dimension navigation system.” Feeling conventional postcards or flyers would be insufficient for such an innovative product, they searched for an impactful and unique print solution that would help them to stand out. At Red Paper Plane they found hundreds of outside-the-box ideas and having complete pricing right online, they were able to zero in on their perfect solution.

Resembling a smaller version of Cube 4D and providing ample room to display messaging in an interesting way, RPP’s Extendo® Pop Up was chosen as the ideal fit for this project. “When we created the pop up, we designed it to scale so doctors could see a mini 3D version of the actual product,” said Melissa Mazza-Chiong, Associate Creative Director. She continued, “We needed to feature two products in one piece and the real estate on the Extendo® Pop Up gave us the ability to do that.”

With its tendency to stick around long after having been received, PRI acknowledged The Extendo® Pop Up as a useful tool for educating healthcare professionals about Cube 4D. According to Alla Knirel, Vice President of Client Services, “It’s a fun, standout way to give information about the product and it’s something HCPs will keep on their desk as a display.” Melissa Mazza-Chong added,” It was very well received, and is one of our favorite print pieces.”

We’re guessing it’s a favorite for their client as well. After the first round of Extendo® Pop Ups were received, PRI’s client decided to order more for a conference they were attending, and there’s an updated version in the works as well.