Produce Results Pop Up Polygon Calendar

Produce Results Pop Up Polygon Calendar

Produce Results Pop Up Polygon Calendar

“Juice It Up” Calendar Gets Results

What type of Christmas card do you send clients when you want it to have staying power? If you are Produce Results (Denton, TX), you send a calendar.

Several years ago, the creative agency began replacing its traditional Christmas cards with calendars to print once, then stay in front of its clients all year. For clients to hang onto them, however, Produce Results knows the calendars must be something special. That’s why it based last year’s calendar on the Pop-Up Polygon from Red Paper Plane.

The polygon was designed to look like an orange and featured the invitation to “Juice Up Your Marketing.” While, as a holiday greeting, it didn’t have a call to action, Produce Results still sees the calendar on desks and on display in offices, even months later.

“We know that people kept it,” says Janel Eichhorn, Produce Results designer. “We got a lot of compliments!”

How easy was the calendar to design? Eichhorn simply downloaded the template from Red Paper Plane’s website. When she wanted to modify the color, Red Paper Plane sent over the source file. “It was super easy,” she says. “The monthly calendars are designed right into the file.”

Normally, Red Paper Plane pop-ups are delivered in special carriers to prevent early deployment, but Produce Results wanted to do its own mailing in order to add on the leaves to make the “orange” look more realistic. Eichhorn was impressed when the company sent over enclosing bands at no charge. “It was really helpful,” she says.

Produce Results printed about 200 of the unique client calendars and has been impressed with their ability to “produce results.” “It’s so refreshing to find a unique direct mail piece,” says Eichhorn. “We know dimensional mailers have more impact than other types of mailings.”

Eichhorn also loves Red Paper Plane’s ability to print even custom jobs in small quantities. “At other places, it can get really expensive very quickly,” she says. “We have smaller clients that were never able to do things like that. Now it’s an offering they can actually afford.”

Produce Results has Staying Power with The Pop Up Polygon