Reach Gen Z with Marketing Experiences

Reach Gen Z with Marketing Experiences

Reach Gen Z with Marketing Experiences

The youngest members of Generation Z are turning 9 in 2021. In practically no time at all, they’ll be joining in the ranks of wielding a lot of buying power. Smart marketers are working hard at figuring out how to best connect with this group, known as the “iGeneration.” One industry in particular that is looking to hone-in is the Print and Direct Mail Marketing industry. Here are some keys to the industry’s future success with Gen Z.

Virtual Reality

It’s no secret, Gen Z loves their technology. They were born into it with most having never known a day without smart phones. Given that, it’s wise that direct mail marketers are shifting towards technology focused products such as Virtual Reality Viewers. By incorporating the use of smartphones to deliver a virtual reality experience, VR Viewers immerse recipients in the message they are receiving. Products like the SleekPeeks® line of VR viewers make it easy for marketers to deliver memorable messages in custom branded viewers. A perfect fit for Gen Z and the upcoming generations.

Video Brochures

Perhaps no technology enhanced print piece is better at capturing the attention of Gen Zer’s than Video Brochures. For a generation raised on to screen communications on smartphones, TV’s, laptops, desktops and tablets, Video Brochures are a natural. According to a recent Hubspot survey, consumers continue to use video as an integral part of their journey with brands, and are excited to see even more video content in the future. Online videos are easy, but also easily ignored. Conversely, statistics show Video Brochures to have an open rate up to 90% and, once opened, they are impossible to put down. With a line of over 20 Video Brochure designs, many available in as few as 7 days, Red Paper Plane is helping marketers to break through to the Gen Z audience.

Attention Grabbers

According to LinkedIn, the average person sees at least 5,000 ads per day, and the majority of those are delivered electronically. Through the increased use of ad blockers, Gen Z is actively trying to reduce that number. Gen Z as a whole however, like storytelling and real people and visual experiences, and for them, old school is new. They value print media and trust it more than digital. Oh, and they have an attention span of about 8 seconds. Put that all together and one could make a very strong case for the advantages of marketing to Gen Z with dimensional direct mail, the kind we provide at Red Paper Plane. Take the Surprise Slider for instance. With two hidden cubes that automatically spring from a well, it is surprising, entertaining and engaging – delivering the kind of experience to be shared with friends and possibly even shared on social media.

Gen Z is a smart, saavy and creative bunch. They want more than products than product advertisments. They want experiences and delivering on that will be the the goal for direct mail marketers for years to come.