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Regency360 Gets Noticed with the Pop Up Cube

Regency360 Gets Noticed with the Pop Up Cube
May 7, 2018

At Regency360, Stephanie Page and her team do things a little differently.

So, when a client approached them to design a marketing piece intended to pique the interest of their target market, the Regency360 team enlisted the help of Red Paper Plane.

The customer? An expense reduction firm.

“Their consultants target customers to help them come in and do an analysis of their general business expenses for different vendors they use in order to find savings,” Page, Director of Strategic Account Development at Regency360, said. “They have consultants worldwide.”

The big challenge with this project was to create a piece that, not only caught the attention of specific CEOs and CFOs, but also could be ordered in bulk at a reasonable price yet still leave room to be customized on an as-needed basis. Also, it had to be a cube.

“The cube is kind of what speaks to them,” Page said. “They have a lot of different marketing pieces that revolve around that cube design. The goal of this was to offer something that was at a lower price point but was still going to be impactful and not just a standard mailing piece. We wanted to have a more cost-effective item but still make an impact on the recipient.”

With an example (provided by Regency360's client) in hand, Page and her team chose to go with Red Paper Plane’s 3” Pop Up Cube template.

“Corporate invests in these pieces to catch the attention of prospects because they really believe in their services and products as well as their individual consultants,” she said. “They feel that if given the opportunity to have a conversation in front of a decision maker or potential client, their close rate is going to be really high. I’m sure you can imagine how many sales calls they’re inundated with, so they’re always looking for something to help their consultants stick out in the crowd of all these people trying to get the attention of the potential prospects.”

To make these pop-up cubes especially attention grabbing, the team decided that they wanted to allow consultants to customize each mailing with a handwritten note and personal contact information.

However, because Regency360 would be ordering 4,000 of these cubes in bulk, it wouldn’t be possible for the franchisees to order a few customized pieces each time they needed them.

“What we did to come up with a solution for them was we printed a custom-sized insert, almost like a business card blown up. On one side, we printed individual contact information: their name, phone number, email address, etc.. And the other side is blank so they can write a personalized message to the prospect that they’re sending this to,” Page said. “We customized this to fit the size of your Red Paper Plane mailer so that they could open that up, insert their custom note, and package it back up and mail it back out.”

But then the team ran into another problem: the way, the Red Paper Plane package came, it was either sealed or not sealed.

“Well, we couldn’t do it sealed because that would negate the consultants being able to open it up and insert that personal message,” Page said. “But if we chose to not seal the version, then they were on their own with finding something to seal it up with.”

Working with the Red Paper Plane support team, Regency360 was able to source a special glue strip that allowed for the pieces to become mail-ready as needed. The cubes would arrive unassembled, so the consultants could open it up, insert their personalized message, then peel the adhesive strip and seal the envelope.

According to Page, the piece, which went live in early 2018, has exceeded their expectations.

“It’s been three weeks since that inventory went live and over half of it has already been ordered,” she said. “The consultants were really excited about that and they’re already thinking about reorders.They love the piece. They think it’s great quality and they love the fact that they’re able to get it at the price point of economies of scale but still have it customized.

“This isn’t your standard pairing for a supplier, distributor relationship,” Page said. “But you guys had a product that made it necessary for us to work with you because of how unique it was. Then your team was more than helpful in finding a way to make this work.”

Regency360 Targets New Customers Using the 3" Pop Up Cube

Regency360 Targets New Customers Using the 3" Pop Up Cube

Regency360 Targets New Customers Using the 3" Pop Up Cube