How Restaurants Can Use Creative Print for a New-Age Menu Experience

How Restaurants Can Use Creative Print for a New-Age Menu Experience

How Restaurants Can Use Creative Print for a New-Age Menu Experience

Perhaps no industry’s response to the pandemic has been quite as publicly well-documented as that of the restaurant industry. Over the past year-plus, we’ve seen a revolving door of new trends and practices: From curbside pickup and expanded delivery to QR ordering and virtual menus.

As with many other industries, the dining world has been fast-tracked into the future — one heavily defined by digital tools and mobile capabilities.

But now that restaurants are back in full swing, the value of creating a personable in-restaurant experience has a whole new premium. If you’re a restaurant owner, you undoubtedly want to welcome patrons back to a memorable, inviting atmosphere.

One key way to boost your ambiance? Beef up the menu experience.

As already mentioned, virtual menu options have been a very popular route for many businesses — and with good reason. From apps to kiosks, these tools offer an extremely convenient, intuitive, and time-efficient way to get your order to the kitchen.

But, let’s face it, some brands deserve a more homey, tactile approach. Sometimes, something hands-on is necessary to capture the proper aura of a dining establishment. Often, a QR code simply doesn’t have that right feel to it... And that’s where Red Paper Plane hopes to come into play.

Our extensive library of dimensional print designs has a number of possibilities to make your in-restaurant menu experience truly pop. Sure, it’s only a small detail of the dining experience, but it can pay off big dividends for your brand image.

Diving right in, imagine one of these eye-catchers on the table instead of your by-the-book menu:

The Exploding Page. At first, it looks to be just a plain, old 4-page booklet. But once opened, its geometric folds “explode” into an unexpectedly large single page. The end product might not be dissimilar from something you’d see at a common restaurant, but the means of getting there have the benefit of being visually stimulating. It’s also compact from the get-go while still housing tons of space for important info.

The 4.25” Pop Up Cube – Talk about a dining experience! This dynamic design presents as a flat piece wrapped in a bellyband. Remove the bellyband, and it automatically springs into a fully dimensional 6- sided cube. Drinks, appetizers, entrees, desserts – each can get its own panel.


The Jackknife. Much like a Swiss Army gadget, this piece contains an inner panel that you can pull out from an open corner tab. The inner panel then swivels out, revealing double the amount of print you originally had. As with the Exploding Page, it’s a compact, comfortable print piece to handle. And it really can be used for all sorts of purposes: For instance, the two cards can very conveniently be separated into “Food” and “Drink” or some similar distinction.

The Desktop Carousel. This one’s for the particularly ambitious. As with the examples above, it initially looks like a standard pamphlet… Until revealing itself to be a 3D, self-standing display with 360-degree visibility. Its design is naturally sectioned — optimal for distinguishing menu categories — and speaks to everyone at the table simultaneously. It’s certainly a loud design, one that’s sure to grab diners’ attention and induce intrigue.

And listen, we have a handful of other nifty designs with multipurpose capabilities that we can optimize to perform as a menu — however you need it done. That’s the beauty of our brand of creative print; the capacity for creative customization that influences lasting brand impressions.

No matter what you may choose, our products deliver impeccable structural integrity and utilize coated stock for hassle-free cleaning and reuse. So if you want to explore your options for creating a unique, in-hand touch for your menu, give us a call at 860-469-3200 and we’ll set you up with a design that does your brand justice.