Savoir Faire Marketing Communications Announces New Move in an Exciting Way

Savoir Faire Marketing Communications Announces New Move in an Exciting Way

Savoir Faire Marketing Communications Announces New Move in an Exciting Way

Who: Savoir Faire Marketing Communications

Their Industry: Marketing Agency

Their Audience: Their Marketing Network

Their Challenge: To announce their exciting new move to their own space in an exciting and unique way and to bring awareness to Savoir Faire

Our Solution: The Pop Up House w/ Lift Up Roof

The Main Pro: The Pop Up House with Life Up Roof is a customizable design that allowed Savoir Faire to inject its personality into the piece.


Savoir Faire is a full-service marketing agency based out of Manchester, New Hampshire. They are a team of marketing professionals who strive to "Make Your Marketing Matter." After 15 years of business, they decided to make an exciting move to their very own office space, an 1890s Victorian building! They wanted to share the significant milestone with their network, but they knew they had to do it in a fun and unique way. The Pop Up House with Lift Up Roof was almost too good to be true and fit the bill perfectly.


Sitting down with Stephanie McLaughlin, Principal of Savoir Faire, we spoke to her about the piece and the monumental moment this was for her company. "For the first 11 years, we lived out of a loft, and then we were in a shared office space, but now we've moved into our own space. It felt like a special move, and it was something we really wanted to celebrate."


Savoir Faire wanted to send a mailer to get its recipients' attention. They wanted the piece to stand out in people's mail and for them to immediately think about Savoir Faire the next time they needed marketing services. Stephanie spoke about the investment in visibility and awareness being their biggest goal for the piece. "The Return on Investment is brain space and surprising and delighting people who open the envelopes." Since the Pop Up House mails flat and pops into shape once the envelope is opened, we think it was a great choice. The lift-up roof even allows for an additional hidden message!


The piece exceeded all expectations. Stephanie and her team were impressed by the design, but once they found out they could customize it, they knew it would be a home run. "This is my building! It's the right color, has all the windows, even the bay window, and me on the front porch with my team in the windows… that ability to make it ours was so delightful."


The response has already begun flooding in with Stephanie receiving emails, phone calls, and Facebook messages speaking to the impressiveness of the piece.


We're so happy about this milestone in Savoir Faire's long and successful history, and we can't wait to be there for the next one!