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Suffering From Boring Mailers? This Security Company Found the Cure

Suffering From Boring Mailers? This Security Company Found the Cure
June 4, 2021

Who: Prosegur Security USA

Their Industry: Security Solutions

Their Audience: Residential property owners

Their Challenge: Announce their exciting rebrand to clients and generate brand awareness.

Our Solution(s): 4-Way Window Pull Tabs, Extendo Pop-Up and Magic Changing Picture

The Main Pro: Besides being unique, interesting and exciting, each of these interactive pieces offer a lot of real estate for brand messaging.

As soon as we were contacted by Prosegur Security to design a suite of marketing materials to target owners interested in securing their residential properties, it felt like a perfect match. With Prosegur Security USA being the antidote to risks big and small, it only seemed natural they work with the antidote to boring mail: Red Paper Plane.

According to Bane’ Obrenvovich, Director of Marketing at Prosegur Security USA , the company had previously only used direct mail as a customer acquisition strategy. With this campaign, direct mail was being used as one of the touch points in the acquisition process, so it each piece they created really needed to stand out from the rest.

The team chose a variety of Red Paper Plane templates that would not only offer enough space for their messaging, but would also align with the eye-catching nature of their signature yellow branding. Bane’ said that when he opened the finished product for the first time, the color “matched our PMS exactly”.

“If you can send creative stuff, it’s going to make your mail pop out from the sea of other direct mail people get every day,” Bane’ Obrenvoich said.

Thanks, Bane’. We couldn’t have said that better ourselves.

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