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Send a "Love Letter" to Your Clients

Send a "Love Letter" to Your Clients
December 6, 2021

Who: Consume Media

Their Industry: Video Marketing

Their Audience: Clients on Retainer

Their Challenge: Shows their clients how much they appreciate them

Our Solution: 4.3” Video Brochure

The Main Pro: The ability to upload their own video allowed them to express their gratitude to each client in a personal way.

Consume Media, a full-service video marketing agency based in Atlanta, has seen significant growth over the last nine years. Thanks to the customer-centric approach of their dedicated team of video enthusiasts, they’ve been able to maintain a 100% retention rate over that time.

Consume Media wanted to create a campaign to show their appreciation for their clients on retainer, especially after such a tumultuous year. Their solution was the “Love Letter Campaign,” a two-part campaign which included an email and an actual “love letter.” They wanted something more interesting and impressive than the usual brochure and came across Red Paper Plane’s 4.3” Quick Turn Video Brochure.

We spoke with Corben Surio, Digital Media Creator at Consume Media, about the “Love Letter Campaign,” and the role the 4.3” Video Brochure played in it. He was quick to mention how pleased the whole company was with the amount of customization they were able to add to their project. They were also impressed by their ability to upload their own video which allowed them to create a truly personalized video message for each client. With Quick Turn versions available to ship in as few as 7 days, Corben was also impressed by the speed with which his project was completed. According to Corben, “The video brochures turned out great! They were better in real life than we could have ever imagined.”

After delivering some of the video brochures in-person, Corben said, “Our clients were blown away by the video brochures. They were both impressed and grateful for the effort we took. Many asked how they could go about creating video brochures for their own clients.”

Additionally, many of Consume Media’s clients who received the custom videos were impressed that Consume was able to take this unique approach to video (They do make videos for a living, after all!) as both a gift and a way to ultimately sell their product.

The retention campaign was successful as it became the conversation starter for renewing their contracts for the coming year. Corben expressed the company is confident they “will be resigning all of the clients they sent a ‘Love Letter’ to.”

Hearing that makes our hearts go pitter patter.