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Services Company Surprises Prospects with Recent Sales Campaign

Services Company Surprises Prospects with Recent Sales Campaign
January 2, 2020

B2B marketing has always required a specific set of skills: the creativity to come up with unique concepts, the technical competence to interpret the complex inner workings of another business, and the diplomacy to work hand-in-hand with sales.

At Morales Group, Inc. (MGI), headquartered in Indianapolis, they’ve gotten especially good at finding people who possess this skill set. Their team has successfully placed more than 50,000 associates with clients throughout the Midwest.

So, when it came time for MGI to target prospects via a sales campaign, they were looking for a company to help create the marketing piece they were envisioning and showcase the critical role of the brand.

After finding Red Paper Plane via an Instagram post, Leah Pinney, MGI's Creative Design Specialist, perused the more than sixty different templated designs available on our website. She and her team decided to go with the Surprise Slider.

“The two cubes make it easy to brand one for our company and one for the sales representative who was sending it,” she said. “We chose a superhero theme, with our sales rep being the prospect’s ‘secret weapon’. After the box was sent, we also sent a branded custom tile keychain.”

The Surprise Slider is one of the best formats if you’re a marketer looking to surprise and delight your audience. A pull tab allows the recipient to slide out the inner well box and, unexpectedly, two hidden pop up cubes spring from their well. Not only can brands customize the front and back of the outer sleeve as well as the inside well box, but also the two 2 ¼-inch pop up cubes.

“It was super easy to navigate through RedPaperPlane.com and upload artwork,” Pinney said. “The process was really helpful being able to see the mock-up being built as you upload files. I also really enjoyed being able to download the proof right then and there.”

Pinney said she’s very happy with how the campaign went. “[The Surprise Sliders] turned out perfect! They were exactly what I was expecting to receive,” she said.