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Showing Off Custom Fabrics with a Bonus Gift Card

Showing Off Custom Fabrics with a Bonus Gift Card
November 11, 2019

Who? Missouri Star Quilt Company

Their industry: Quilting and pre-cut designer fabric

Their audience: A passionate, global community of individual quilting enthusiasts

Their challenge: Telling a “holiday story” that doubles as a showcase for some of their pattern prints. Essentially, capturing attention in a lasting, relevant way.

Our solution: The Flapper® - an interactive direct mail piece that flips the creative holiday card model completely on its head.

The main pros: Numerous, engaging panels that give your marketing story a multi-dimensional edge. Missouri Star Quilt Company even used one of these panels to hold an exclusive gift card alongside an on-brand holiday message of “Sew ho ho!”

Puns aside, Marketing Manager Alex praises the Red Paper Plane online interface for helping assemble such custom design: “Being able to see our artwork on-screen in the exact position it would be printed was extremely helpful.”