SmartWatt Energy Uses "Cool" Telescoping Event Invitations

SmartWatt Energy Uses "Cool" Telescoping Event Invitations

SmartWatt Energy Uses "Cool" Telescoping Event Invitations

When SmartWatt Energy wanted to invite 25 key clients to a hosted suite at a Baltimore Orioles baseball game, it didn’t want to hand out the same old, same old. It wanted something special — something that reflected the value of each customer to its business.

Marketing went in search of something cool and different. An Internet search turned up Red Paper Plane.

“We were hosting a game suite and wanted to put the actual tickets inside the invite,” notes Kelsey Cummings, marketing manager – utility programs in SmartWatt’s Chicago Office. “When we saw the Telescoping Slider, it was perfect. The tickets slide right out of the pocket.”

The Telescoping Slider is a flat mailing or standalone format with a finished size of 8” x 4.75”. The insert slides in and out of the pocket by pulling a finger tab.

Cummings was able to download the Illustrator template from the Red Paper Plane website, design the card, and view a 3D proof online. The invitations will be handed out at a corporate event at the close of an industry conference.

Cummings describes the entire process as “easy.” Even the 3D proofs matched right up. “Ken Stokes at Red Paper Plane was very helpful to work with,” she says. “If I had a question, he got back to me immediately.”

Turnaround was also fast, and Cummings was very pleased with the quality of the finished product. “It is similar to what is offered by our regular printer, but for these extremely small quantities, the price point is much less than what they can offer on their larger presses,” she says.

Will SmartWatt Energy use Red Paper Plane again? Definitely! “We are very happy with this product, especially the smaller quantities,” says Cummings. “Next time, depending on the event, we might do something different. Red Paper Plane has a lot of cool formats and a lot of variety.”

SmartWatt Energy Uses "Cool" Telescoping Slider for Event Invitations