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Solid State Operations used popup desktopper to showcase company’s core values

Solid State Operations used popup desktopper to showcase company’s core values
August 26, 2021

Who: Solid State Operations

Their Industry: Business Services / Tech

Their Audience: Their own employees

Their Challenge: Reinforce the company’s core values with employees

Our Solution: Hexagon Pen Pot

The Main Pro: The Hexagon Pen Pot provided a fun, memorable and functional addition to their employees’ desks.

Solid State Operations wanted to showcase and reinforce the importance of their company’s core values with employees. With ample room for messaging and a functional reason for being on each employees desk, Red Paper Plane’s Hexagon Pen Pot fit the bill as the perfect addition to the “Swag Packages” that employees were to receive soon.

According to Dina Stegon, Chief Marketing Officer, “We chose the Hexagon Pen Pot because we wanted something that our employees would actually find useful and that they would want to keep on their desk. We wanted something that they could look at from time to time and be reminded about our core values.”

Joel Vendette, Freelance Graphic Designer, added, “We wanted a design that would be bold – something that could have some life and character that you would want to look at and use.”

That mission must have been accomplished, as, according to Dina, “It looks awesome! I have all my pens in them.”

Red Paper Plane’s easy-to-follow guidelines for uploading artwork impressed the team at Solid State. According to Joel “Seeing the 3D version of the project before it was even shipped is a great feature. We were able to make sure everything lined up correctly and all folds were exact.” Dina added “We’ll definitely be coming back to Red Paper Plane for future pieces.”

We look forward to that day and can’t wait to hear about the reactions of your employees to the Hexagon Pen Pot.