Extendo® Mailer + Email = Big Results!

Extendo® Mailer + Email = Big Results!

Extendo® Mailer + Email = Big Results!

If you want to know if the Extendo® produces great results, Structural Graphics has this to say: look at the numbers.

For its Q1 2014 self-promotion campaign, Structural Graphics created a multi-channel, multi-touch campaign that included both print and email. The campaign kicked off with the Red Paper Plane Extendo®, a trademarked format that has “extenders” that slide in and out of the sides of the piece. When one side is extended, the other pulls out automatically on the other side.

Structural Graphics selected Extendo® for its unusual format, interactivity, and ability to pack a lot of information into a small space.

The campaign featured the theme “We Make It Easy.” The marketing team packed the mailer with details on how, from concepting to finishing, the company makes it easy to do business with them.

The company kicked off the Q1 initiative by mailing the Extendo® to key customers and prospects. The call to action was printed on the backside along with an offer to receive a 20-page Look Book showing how the company is so effective at helping clients produce leads. SG followed up with non-responders using branded emails with the same theme.

In addition to bullet points showcasing the benefits of Structural Graphics’ process, SG also included third-party data, such as the 3000:1 ROI achieved by one of its customers and the 165% lift in response rates by another.

The mailing went out in early February. Emails hit a few weeks later. To date, the campaign has received a 13.8% response rate.

“With the extendable surface area of Red Paper Plane’s Extendo® mechanism, we were able to get more messaging out to the customer,” notes Sarah Bigoness, marketing manager for Structural Graphics. “If we had sent the same information via postcard, it would have been very busy. With the way this piece is built and executed, we had extensive surface area to play with. We could get our information out there in a way that was very impactful.”

Structural Graphics is thrilled with the results of the campaign. It credits its success to the power of dimensional print combined with the ability of multi-channel, multi-touch contacts to boost participation.

The Extendo Allows Marketing Teams to Show More Messaging