S'well Bottle Wows at The Project Fashion Show

S'well Bottle Wows at The Project Fashion Show

S'well Bottle Wows at The Project Fashion Show

S’well Bottle, which manufactures finely crafted drink containers, was prepping for The Project fashion design show in New York City. With the opportunity to present its high-end products in front of very discriminating buyers, it wanted something different and unique.

A growing number of fashion retailers have started looking for line sheets rather than catalogs. In these formats, the retail information is laid out on a single page, making it easier to view inventory and place orders.

Danielle Hutchens, creative director for S’well, had seen samples of Red Paper Plane products at the HOW Design Conference and thought the Exploding Page would be a great solution. “When retailers started coming to our booth, we wanted something exciting to hand out,” she says.

Although the Exploding Page was an unusual construction for a sales sheet, some back and forth with Ken Stokes at Red Paper Plane helped Hutchens work out the details. “It was a matter of thinking outside the box,” she says.

The finished piece featured eye-popping color of the bottles, along with fine lines and details for pricing and product names. The job was printed digitally in a run of 150, and Hutchens was thrilled with the final quality. “The front cover quality was really nice,” she says. “The details are great, and the colors are true to the bottles.”

Would she use Red Paper Plane again? Definitely!

“It’s unique, and the retailer market wants something different that stands out,” Hutchens concludes. “We’d definitely try other formats for future projects, too. Maybe for our marketing pieces next time!”