The Flapper® Gets Real Estate Brokers Talking

The Flapper® Gets Real Estate Brokers Talking

The Flapper® Gets Real Estate Brokers Talking

The JBG Companies wanted to promote Summit I & II, their large-scale, two-building office development located in Reston, VA. While some property owners are content to use a standard mailing template with a picture of the property, JBG wanted a special piece.

“The JBG Companies is very dedicated to their properties as seen through their well-respected ownership and management,” notes Jamie Pittas, creative manager for CBRE Brokerage Services, which leases the property. “They renovated the inside of the buildings and wanted to promote the recent upgrades.”

Looking online for cool mailers, Pittas was captivated by a YouTube video of an unusual mailing format called the Endless Fold. But finding someone who could print such a format economically in small quantities was no easy task.

Pittas showed the video to the client’s VP of marketing, along with her printer’s cost to complete the project. The VP said, “‘Have you tried Red Paper Plane?’”

“All that research and effort,” Pittas laughs, “and the client offered the perfect solution right away!”

At Red Paper Plane’s website, Pittas found what she was looking for — and more. She found not just the Endless Fold, but a variety of other unusual mailing dies. In the end, she chose The Flapper, a similar design to the Endless Fold that offered the perfect combination of uniqueness and ability to highlight individual features of the property.

“Our client loves the evening photo of the two buildings with the inside all lit up,” Pittas says. “The image spans across a wide panel which then splits apart. When the split opens, one building is on either side. As you unfold each panel, your eye focuses on a particular element and its related copy rather than getting lost in a sea of imagery and text. This format allows us to tell a visually compelling story. It is a great reveal.”

CBRE printed 250 pieces and mailed them to their broker list.

Pittas is now looking forward to seeing how CBRE can capitalize on other mailing formats for its clients in the future.

The JBG Companies Uses Tablet Flapper to Promote New Building Developments