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The Future of Direct Mail Is Here… And it’s Video

The Future of Direct Mail Is Here… And it’s Video
March 18, 2020

We all know the old adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

But then let’s ask: How many words is a video worth?

Marketing teams across industries are asking the same question as they work to capitalize on the soaring popularity of video content. Leveraging the marketing power of this engaging medium is the new hot ticket strategy... and no form is quite as effective as the Video Brochure.

Why Use Video Brochures, You Ask?

As the laundry list below indicates, it’s almost silly not to. Here are just some of the reasons we’re so high on Video Mailers:

  • They grab attention: And don't let go. The high-tech features and potential for creativity draw viewers in, while the easy-to-absorb format keeps them glued.
  • They're efficiently informative: You’re presenting your message in a manner that is both functional and quick - not like the time-consuming eyesore that text often is.
  • They boost brand credibility: You become that sophisticated company with the unforgettable, creative mailers.
  • They evoke more emotion: And thus drive heightened engagement. One study even found that websites with videos enjoy 100% longer page visit times than sites without them.
  • They show that you care: High-end Video Mailers demonstrate a genuine commitment to the relationship you have with your recipient.
  • They rake in a greater ROI: Forbes even found that online conversion rates are 64% higher if customers first watch a video about their product.
  • Their convenience is unparalleled: Not only are Video Brochures portable, but they are also watchable from anywhere - no Internet or electricity required.
  • They're a timeless medium: Video Brochure formats are reusable and rechargeable, thereby maximizing their value per unit. They can also be edited and updated according to client needs.
  • They open the door to personalization: It’s hard to individually customize simple postcards, but Video Brochures allow companies to hone in and target recipients much more directly.

Across-the-Board Versatility

Direct marketing is only a piece of the puzzle. Another piece lies with educational needs, where Video Brochures can be employed for all sorts of training and demonstrations. As far as benefits go, think: streamlining on-boarding processes, cutting down on unnecessary travel, and overall saving your team members boatloads of time.

We’ve also helped companies utilize Video Mailers for purposes of fundraising, recruiting, and delivering testimonials.

As noted in the bullet points above, the beauty here is that your message is basically guaranteed to make a positive impression, regardless of what the video content even is!

Check out our Products page for proof that our wide collection of Video Mailers do, in fact, walk the walk (we even have Video Business Cards!). Allow us to guide you on your video marketing journey… In return, all we guarantee is top-notch design, efficient in-house production, and unbeatable customer service.