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Set Your Brand Apart With Video Brochures

Set Your Brand Apart With Video Brochures
January 31, 2018

Who: The Lund Company

Their Industry: Commercial Real Estate

Their Audience: Businesses with retail, commercial, industrial, or multi-family property looking to build, expand, relocate, or sell.

Their Challenge: To quickly turn around a marketing project designed to display an apartment property for sale.

Our Solution: 4.3” Center Reveal Video Screen Brochure

The Main Pro: Combining video with a high-impact printed format enhances your brand messaging through engaging and supporting content.

Video is highly visual and auditory, which means it’s easier for people to remember than text-based content. When consumers remember your video content, they, in turn, remember your brand. This can translate to better brand loyalty as well as more sales and leads.

Stacie Anderson, The Lund Company’s Creative Services Manager, said that Red Paper Plane’s “reasonable pricing” and “quick turnaround time” is what enticed her try the service out.

“As a first-time customer, I called to verify a few things specific to our order,” she said. “The phone was answered immediately by a representative and the customer service was excellent. As the process went on, all questions were answered promptly.”

With 64% of consumers being more likely to purchase a product or service online after viewing video content, and marketers who use video growing their company’s revenue 49% faster than those who don’t, Red Paper Plane’s customizable Video Brochures & Mailers offer an effective option when it comes to getting your company noticed.

According to Stacie, The Lund Company has received a lot of very positive feedback as a result of their brochures. “The product turned out great,” she said. "As expected, there's a learning curve to everything and we were unsure of how the end product would turn out. Overall, we were more than pleased with how [it] went."

The Lund Company Gets Noticed with The Center Reveal Video Brochure

The Lund Company Gets Noticed with The Center Reveal Video Brochure