The Marketing Tool that Taught the Teachers

The Marketing Tool that Taught the Teachers

The Marketing Tool that Taught the Teachers

Who: Great Basin College

Their Industry: Higher Education

Their Audience: High School Teachers

Their Challenge: Providing information about how high school students can earn college credits in a way that the audience will remember

Our Solution: The 4.25” Pop up Pen Holder

The Main Pro: The Pop up Pen Holder effectively delivers a message AND serves as a useful desktop tool and reminder.

Great Basin College, located in Nevada, wanted to educate high school teachers about the ability of their students to earn college credits. Given the importance of the message, they didn’t want to send a conventional postcard that would most likely get tossed in the trash.

Having worked with Red Paper Plane before, they once again visited, where they selected the 4.25” Pop up Pen Holder.

“I love how the design serves a dual purpose,” said Sidnie Creamer, CTE College Credit Coordinator at Great Basin College. “On the one hand, it makes for an interesting and engaging way to show our message. On the other hand, teachers can actually use it while displaying it on their desks with Great Basin College colors and logos showing for all to see.” She lauded how interactive and eye-catching the Pop up Pen Holder is.

Sidnie also pointed out how easy it was to create the design on Red Paper Plane’s website saying, “for someone who doesn’t have a design background, the process was easy and user friendly.”

With over 100 different templates to choose from, there’s sure to be a match for you too.