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This Holiday Card Is More than Just a Greeting

This Holiday Card Is More than Just a Greeting
February 5, 2020

Businesses understand the importance of sending their clients something memorable during the Holiday Season. Your holiday card is a marketing touch, so it should be treated with the same significance as your regular campaigns. Primary Packaging Inc. knew they needed to send something that stood out and would be remembered.

The manufacturers of plain or printed heavy-duty film and bags were looking for a unique way to promote their ConservaCube™, plastic film that converts into a cube, as part of their 2019 holiday card. The ConservaCube™ packaging design offers strategic benefits to a business. The ConservaCube™ design reflects the brand, promotes the product, and protects the contents that are inside the package.

Graphic Designer, Melissa Sustin, searched online for different ideas and then she found Red Paper Plane. “Your website actually popped up in Google search and when I clicked on it, I said, ‘oh my gosh, this is it!’.”

After perusing all our products, the 4.25” Pop Up Cube stood out to her the most. “I really liked it and thought that for a holiday card it would grab people’s attention, and they’d be able to keep it on their desks.” Melissa also felt that the design tied in perfectly to their ConservaCube™ product and would be an excellent mechanism to highlight a 2020 calendar.

As one of Red Paper Plane’s most popular designs, the 4.25” Pop Up Cube automatically and unexpectedly pops into full dimensional shape, when removed from its belly band holder, providing the recipient with a long-lasting impression of your brand.

When asked about her experience using our website, Melissa said the process couldn’t have been easier. Her communications with our Customer Service department was flawless, and she was very impressed with the timely responses she received.

Melissa shared that the final product exceeded her expectations. “Sometimes with print projects like this you’re not entirely sure how well it’s going to print, or how the resolution will be, but this turned out really nice, and you guys did a great job.”

“We’ve had a couple customers reach out and say how different and unique the design was from other holiday cards they had received,” Melissa said. “They liked that one side had the 2020 calendar on it, because they’d be able to use it throughout the year.”