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Tips for Creating Trustworthy Direct Mail Pieces

Tips for Creating Trustworthy Direct Mail Pieces
October 2, 2020

In today's oversaturated digital landscape, direct mail is a great way to market a product or service, especially if it's targeted, has a clear message and speaks directly to a need or problem your customer has.

Because your target audience likely gets plenty of direct mail, you want to make yours trustworthy, because people buy from companies they trust. That means not wasting your reader's time and providing value.

Here are some direct mail marketing tips you can follow:

  • Know your audience. This is paramount to any marketing piece. In direct mail, it means honing your list and knowing what your reader's problems and concerns are before you even get started.
  • Make it visually appealing. Readers trust mail that looks professional. If it's not visually appealing, it's likely to be viewed as junk mail. Make sure the piece fits your company's image and includes your logos, and that it represents the image you want to convey. Also, make your font readable. It's okay to break out of the mold a bit with your type, but don't frustrate your reader by making it difficult to read.
  • Give it some value. A mailer may have value to the reader because it includes a special promotional offer or provides valuable information. Make sure your direct mail does at least that.

You might also consider making the direct mail piece itself useful, as in the case of Red Paper Plane's Pop Up Mailers, which turn into a keepsake object. Red Paper Plane also offers a variety of Promotional Well Boxes that can hold product samples, gifts and more.

Remember, too, that directing your audience to an online experience can also be valuable. Consider Red Paper Plane's Web Key Brochures or even Virtual Reality Viewers.

  • Use it sparingly. Send too many direct mail pieces, just like too many emails, and you devalue your brand. Use targeted direct mail to get specific messages across. Keep in touch with your audience, but make sure you're not bombarding them with mail.
  • Personalize it. Enhance your reader's trust by using his or her name − correctly spelled, by the way − in the address and perhaps in the direct mail piece itself. Integrating a specific name into your artwork is an option, though it can prove costly, so weigh the benefits carefully.
  • Make it stand out. Consumers and businesses receive hundreds of letters and post cards. Perhaps it's time to create something a little different to make your company stand out from the crowd.

Consider Red Paper Plane's Pop Up Mailers or Desktoppers. If you have a bigger budget and/or a more complex message, a Video Mailer might be the way to go. Need to direct your reader to an online experience? Try Red Paper Plane's Virtual Reality Viewers.

  • Have a clear call to action. Don't make your reader guess what you want. Ask for it! Invite the reader to visit a website, check out a Virtual Reality experience, or have them give you a call or a visit.

Do you have questions about your direct mail project? Please feel free to contact Red Paper Plane at 860-469-3200 anytime.



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