Trumbull Career and Technical Center Excites New Students with The Center Pop

Trumbull Career and Technical Center Excites New Students with The Center Pop

Trumbull Career and Technical Center Excites New Students with The Center Pop

Who: Trumbull Career and Technical Center (TCTC)

Their Industry: K-12 Education – High School

Their Audience: Students recently accepted into TCTC

Their Challenge: To excite the new students about their acceptance to TCTC and the future they have in front of them

Our Solution: The Center Pop

The Main Pro: The Center Pop has staying power and is an excellent addition to their desk or counter, reminding them of their recent acceptance to TCTC.


Trumbull Career and Technical Center is a nationally recognized school with 26 career-tech programs. Their mission is to “enable their students to become productive members of society by providing them a comprehensive combination of academic and career-technical skills and experience in a safe, non-hostile diverse environment.” When students learn of their acceptance to the school, they receive a welcome letter outlining what they have to look forward to at TCTC. This year, TCTC wanted to send something extra special to these students. That’s where the Center Pop from Red Paper Plane came into play.

Morgan Cretella, the Community Engagement Coordinator at TCTC, heard about Red Paper Plane from individuals in similar roles at other career centers. They were impressed with their experience.

TCTC understands the big decision made by the students who leave their home schools that they’re familiar with to receive a career and technical education. So they decided they wanted to send something that would maintain their excitement about the educational opportunities ahead.

Cretella said, “We really liked the center pop because it was practical in terms of size and packaging, and we liked that it can pop up and stay on the students’ desk or counter at home. Every time they see it, it will remind them of their decision to come to TCTC.”

The Center Pop allowed for ample space to get their message across. “The next step is yours” and “The road to success awaits you!” excited the students about their future at TCTC and beyond. Cretella is already receiving compliments from students who received the piece in the mail.

We’re looking forward to working with TCTC in the future as they continue to mold the minds of these future generations.