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University of Georgia's Pop Up Birthday Card is At the Center of Alumni's Attention

University of Georgia's Pop Up Birthday Card is At the Center of Alumni's Attention
December 11, 2019

The University of Georgia’s Development and Alumni Relations office has been working with Red Paper Plane for years, citing the company’s clever direct mail designs and customer service. So, when it came time for the team to create their annual birthday card, they already knew who they wanted to use to make it.

"A colleague brought your company to my attention,” said Tony Stringer, Senior Director, Donor Relations. “She knows how much I love cards and things that are unique and impactful, so we decided to try Red Paper Plane and have used you two times since.”

“We couldn’t quite figure out what we wanted to do for our birthday card this year and so I just ordered a bunch of your samples,” said Melissa Lee, the Department’s Donor Impact Coordinator. “We sat around and just looked at all the different samples and from there tried to determine what we could make into a birthday card. We want these to be very different each year, but it’s kind of nice whenever they can sit on the recipients’ desk, so the Center Pop worked well.”

This rubber band activated product ships flat and, once opened, pops into action as a tabletop centerpiece that stands on its own. A panel - which can be customized with brand logos, copy or graphics - rises above its base, allowing for maximum appeal.

“We thought that we could have this image of our mascot, the bulldog, kind of like popping up from the center like he’s being carried up by balloons,” Lee said. “It just kind of worked.”

The piece, which was distributed to top donors in August, is truly a brand awareness piece. “It's beautiful; It's just everything that we wanted,” Stringer said.

Lee added: “It’s kind of neat that this one started with Red Paper Plane to begin with. We really already knew that the quality was going to be there, even if we didn’t quite have a design yet.”

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