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Using Dimensional Mail to Capture Your Audience's Attention

Using Dimensional Mail to Capture Your Audience's Attention
September 10, 2020

Even if you are not familiar with the term “dimensional mail”, chances are you know it when you see it. It is mail that delivers that extra element of interest; a surprise "pop out", a hidden panel, a changing image - all features that capture attention and incentivise a target audience to interact with it and hold onto it. While traditional mail typically hits the recycling bin quickly, three-dimensional mail sticks around to capture the attention of others beyond the original target. Yes, it may cost more than a traditional letter or brochure to create and produce, but it is proven to drive better response rates, and isn’t that the reason you’re sending mail in the first place?

Tips for Attention-Getting Success

  • Design in a “WOW” factor. Use all the tools available. Creative die-cuts can reveal hidden messages. With inventive folds a mailer can “explode” and expand. Rubber-band activated designs literally jump out on their own.
  • Make the design consistent with the message. Use the surprise element to enhance your product message. For example, a Pop Up House might be a great shape for a realtor, or for an open house invitation.
  • Stay true to colors, fonts and other brand elements. Don’t let the excitement of your dimensional mailer throw you off your game. Stay true to your company's established image, so that you can harness brand recognition.
  • Give it a secondary purpose. Put your message on display with a mailer that becomes a pencil holder. Deliver a desktop calendar or product reference guide. Use an expanding folder to deliver a wall poster. Think about ways to keep your message around.
  • Create a clear call to action. Use the power of dimensional mail to drive action. Create buzz by inviting a target audience to a special event. Ask recipients to take a picture with their mailer and post it on social media. Ask your audience to call a dedicated number or visit a site and track responses. Measure the results.

Red Paper Plane Solutions

Red Paper Plane offers a variety of dimensional and pop up mailers, all designed to stand out and get noticed. Our easy order process is as simple as choosing your design, downloading your template and placing your art. In as few as 7 days we can either mail to your mailing list or ship the product to you.

Our dimensional mailers are perfect for announcements, invitations, product launches, event reminders, calendars, and more. We have over 70 interactive dimensional designs to choose from including our - 3" Pop Up Cube in a zip strip envelope; our Center Pop, which delivers flat in an envelope and springs into shape upon opening; or our Surprise Slider, which pops out two equally sized cubes upon opening. And, check out our rubber band-activated Pop Up House or Piggy Pop Up.

The possibilities are endless! Questions? Contact us at 860-469-3200.



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