Why Video (Yes, Video!) Is the Future of Direct Mail

Why Video (Yes, Video!) Is the Future of Direct Mail

Why Video (Yes, Video!) Is the Future of Direct Mail

The stats back it up: Video marketing is quickly outpacing print. Here’s how to utilize it and ensure your business messaging stays front of the line.

Which is the better vehicle for marketing - video or printed text?

Well, we crunched the numbers and analyzed the performance of our video brochure products hoping to answer just that. Here’s a handful of relevant statistics that speak on the future of business communications:

  • Video as a medium is - surprise, surprise! - gaining popularity across all age groups, especially among the 25 to 34-year-old demographic.
  • Furthermore, Statista found that 85% of U.S. internet users regularly watch videos online, with a greater and greater share coming via mobile devices.
  • 54% of respondents in a recent HubSpot Trends Survey preferred seeing branded video content - beating out emails/newsletters, social posts, blogs, and downloadable PDFs.
  • Wyzowl reported that 87% of businesses use video as a marketing tool (that number has skyrocketed from 63% back in 2017).
  • That Wyzowl survey also found that 83% of marketers praised video for producing a good ROI (up from 78% in 2018).

Video is the future of direct mail marketing, a study done suggests that 85% of us internet viewers prefer video

Video Brings Countless Advantages… And Then Some

Increasing sales, expanding brand awareness, building customer loyalty, maintaining client relationships… You’re likely plenty familiar with the possibilities of video marketing.

But let’s look beyond: Video is also a valuable tool for education, product launches, company initiatives, and other tutorials/demos. Because - unlike with audio or print - you can’t just mindlessly tune out or skip through video content. No, it demands our attention!

In fact, according to a Forbes article, video viewers have a 95% greater chance of remembering a call to action than text readers. And given the distraction-heavy nature of today’s society, it’s no surprise: People prefer the quick, easily digestible format of video.

Our direct mail video book is an easy way to garner the engagement you desire from direct mail

Video Brochures: Capitalizing on a Trend That’s Here To Stay

According to Cisco, we’ll soon see videos make up over 80% of global consumer web traffic. And that number is only expected to keep growing and growing.

If their metrics are any indication, video has safely cemented itself as a cultural mainstay. Marketing professionals across all industries have taken notice as they dedicate more and more resources to capitalizing on this powerful medium.

Red Paper Plane is at the forefront of video distribution. We’re not just slapping together some clips and calling it a day; we’re constantly innovating ways to incorporate video into physical direct mail campaigns.

Our extensive product library contains over 20 innovative video brochure and interactive mailer designs that will immediately boost your customer or B2B communications. No matter what you’re presenting or who you’re targeting, check out our specialized video products to make sure your message gets seen, noticed, remembered, and acted upon.