Saying Thanks: Why Your Customers Will Appreciate a Creative Mail Reach-out

Saying Thanks: Why Your Customers Will Appreciate a Creative Mail Reach-out

Saying Thanks: Why Your Customers Will Appreciate a Creative Mail Reach-out

Calling this past year-plus a challenge for businesses is a gross understatement. No matter which industry you call home, you’ve undoubtedly been tested in countless ways. In regards to your internal systems and operations, in regards to your cross-team functionalities, and certainly in regards to your customer relationships.

But it’s those very relationships that have pulled you through, right? So how about showing some much-deserved appreciation to the customers who stuck around and continued to support and engage your brand?

Showing appreciation isn’t just about good karma; it’s also savvy business

For starters, expressing thanks is a great way to build up your brand image. It establishes you as a company that actually cares (enough to show it, at least). And it keeps that positive brand identity top of mind for your audience.

Customers appreciate this sort of relationship-building — it feels innately human rather than overly corporate or transactional. Which means that over time, these relationships cement themselves into that oh-so-coveted factor of customer loyalty.

And this, in turn, is reflected in tangible ROI: Good customer service builds brand loyalty which breeds long-term retention. In other words, simply by showing the smallest modicum of care, you increase your odds of repeat buyers.

More immediately, though, the act of gift-giving can inspire current engagement. People love receiving, but more importantly, people have a natural inclination towards reciprocation. If you provide something of value for free, they very well might return the favor.

… But the key here is “of value.” You can’t just send people trash and expect to receive roses yourself. As with all customer-facing interactions, there has to be some underlying substance to it. And we think we have a couple of clever, thoughtful ways to provide that substance:

With the right mailer, you can build brand loyalty that pays dividends

Let’s start big: Nothing says thanks quite like an actual gift. And we have a handful of box-style mailers with ample storage space — ideal for promotional giveaways:

The Fall Away Box. This multi-paneled container can store virtually any sort of small gift — think headphones, tee shirts, desk trinkets, etc... It opens by pulling a zip strip, flattening out into a dozen or so flat sections for all the messaging you could possibly want.

The Well Box. This is essentially a 3-dimensional postcard, with an indented pocket underneath the main card. Within, you have space to store flatter deliverables like gift cards and USBs. Externally, the front and back are fully customizable for branding purposes.

But hey, if you don’t have any physical gifts to send out, that doesn’t mean you still can’t do something nice. Customers always love receiving an exclusive discount, promo code, or link to some special online offer. There’s really no shortage of small perks you can send to your people. And even then, at the very least, a simple “thank you” note is still better than nothing. So consider these options:

The Surprise Slider. This flat mailer contains a hidden panel that you pull out vertically. And once you do, two fully dimensional message boxes pop out into cubic shape. They can hold any and all sorts of info — a timely discount, a life hack, a small image, anything. It’s a perfectly enticing format for a fun, heartfelt note to loyal customers.

The Flipbook. A modern take on the classic comic book format, this literal page-turner quickly and compactly tells whatever story you want. Ideal if you have any relevant graphics or rapid-fire details to share. Plus, there’s a standard front and back panel for you to customize according to your brand’s aesthetic.

To bring it full circle, though, these mailers are simply vehicles for you to make your audience feel appreciated. To provide the value that turns one-time buyers into repeat customers into fans for life.

What shape that value takes is up to you… But as for the shape of the mailers, that’s where we’ve got you covered. Check out the rest of our best-sellers here and give us a ring at 860-469-3200 if you’d like to chat through options!