Xzito Makes a Connection Through Video Mailers

Xzito Makes a Connection Through Video Mailers

Xzito Makes a Connection Through Video Mailers

Who: Xzito

Their Industry: Revenue Growth Agency

Their Audience: Past and Future Clients

Their Challenge: To connect in a unique manner with customers and pinpoint opportunities for improving the customer experience to ultimately drive engagement and revenue growth

Our Solution: 4.3" Flip Cover Video Brochure

The Main Pro: There is no ignoring a video brochure. Once it is opened the video works its magic

Since 2004, Xzito has partnered with Growth-Focused organizations to help them reach their revenue growth goals. Every year Xzito sends their clients a special gift. A few years ago, they worked with Red Paper Plane to create an impressive and memorable 4” Custom Globe Greeting Card. At that time they were intrigued by Red Paper Plane’s video brochure offering and, wanting a gift in 2021 that would stand out to deliver a serious “wow factorthey chose the 4.3" Flip Cover Video Brochure.

Jairo Gomez, Marketing Director at Xzito, explained how they wanted to send something that could work double-duty for them. They wanted a design that could be used to express gratitude for their clients’ business but could also be applicable for new business efforts. The 4.3" Flip Cover Video Brochure gave Xzito the ability to upload their own videos, making it possible for them to send their clients personalized messages expressing their thanks, and also introducing potential new business strategies to drive revenue growth and improve the customer journey.

Jairo liked that the video brochure was a combination of traditional and digital marketing, and their clients seemed to agree. When asked what their clients’ response was, he said, “They were like, Oh wow! They had never seen anything like it.” Working with Red Paper Plane, Xzito designed a video brochure that achieved their goals, while staying within their budget.

The 4.3" Flip Cover Video Brochure was so popular Xzito is planning on sending even more to past and future clients. Jairo is confident the video brochures will help revitalize old business and bring in new business. “I couldn’t imagine someone getting a video mailer customized to them and not getting a response.”

We couldn’t agree more.