Breakthrough Basic Brochures

Simply sophisticated and surprisingly interactive, Breakthrough Basic Brochures deliver hard-hitting impact without busting your budget. These fresh formats are premium-quality printed and use primary folds, cuts and construction to reach audiences with attention-grabbing mailers that access the tremendous 8.5% response rate power of dimensional mail - for just slightly more than the cost of traditional flat materials.

With BBB, adding more touchpoints to an existing dimensional mail strategy is more attractive than ever.

  1. Pinwheel Page Twist

    This Pinwheel Page Twist brochure design makes great use of geometric shapes to create an intriguing direct marketing piece for your promotional campaigns. From the very first glance, recipients are treated to four panel quadrants containing different information about your company, product or service. However, this outer quadrant brochure information is just a teaser for what’s to come once they pull the corners of the brochure. A simple pull and the pinwheel goes into action, instantly expanding outwards until it doubles in size. When completely unfolded recipients can admire the various geometric shapes that make up the large page. You can add any information you like to the white triangles in each quadrant. There is also a larger diamond space in the midsection for copy that supports your main selling proposition. Pinwheels are typically bright and colorful, and you can select any light and dark color combination that complements your promotional goals. Our downloadable template makes it easy to tryout various color options.
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  2. Winners Circle Brochure

    Rounded shapes are better at communicating feelings of community. That’s why we refer to 'circles of friends' or 'social circles.' Pair that psychology with your messaging to hit a marketing bullseye with the Winners Circle Brochure. What starts out as one three layered circle folds out to three circular, two-sided panels.
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  3. Winged Iron Cross Brochure

    If you want your audience to be curious and engaged, you may need to change your game. Sending them our Winged Iron Cross Brochure may be just what you need! The appeal of an iron cross fold brochure is that they’re unique and fun. They can contain important information about your business, but for your audience to read all of that text, they’ll be sent on a journey where each pull and unfold reveals something new. This direct mail brochure combines a professional look with intrigue that’s hard to ignore, and it mails flat, unfolding into a fun, interactive puzzle when it reaches its recipient. Take your next direct mail campaign to a higher level with the Winged Iron Cross Brochure. See the description section below for postage rates. Learn More
  4. Large Zig-Zag Fold Out

    The five panels on this fold-out brochure have more than enough space for you to share your message with others. Whether you divide your message between the natural breaks or keep your audience reading by using the folds to your advantage, you’re sure to keep people engaged and wanting to learn more. This brochure isn’t your typical marketing material – that will be apparent from the moment your audience pulls this eye-catching direct mailer out of its envelope! See the description section below for postage rates. Learn More
  5. Reference Guide

    Segmented information is often more readily understood. Our Reference Guide makes it easy for marketers to separate their info into subject groups, categories or topics. Each of the tabs on the right extends out to reveal a 2 sided informational panel making it possible to pack a lot of info into this one compact unit. Learn More
  6. Infolder Slider

    One page can be limiting. Two might be excessive. But, crafting the perfect message won't be a bear with this Infolder Slider that pulls to reveal a tab within. It's the Goldilocks of information dispensation - just right Learn More
  7. Flying Slider

    If your marketing efforts have been falling flat, they'll take flight with this Slider that provides twice the movement. The action is so smooth that you'll swear it's riding on air. Thanks to the wings that appear during the slide, there are two times as many possibilities to land with your recipients. Learn More
  8. Infolder Slider and Perforated Card

    Just like our standard Infolder Slider, this is a great option when one page of information just won't cut it. Though, a perforated card within lets this version pull double duty. Create a lasting impression, and then leave them with the pertinent details in a wallet-sized format. Learn More
  9. Prism Fold Brochure

    Even if you failed high school geometry you’ll be fascinated by our Prism Fold Brochure. It starts out as a square and, through a series of roll folded triangles, eventually ends up as a rectangle. Don’t think too hard about that – watch the video instead. Bottom line is it offers lots of opportunities for placing content that, thanks to its transitions, will be impossible to ignore.
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  10. Honeycomb Brochure

    The hexagon brochure template features 12 messaging panels spread out over two sides. It opens in a way that leads you sequentially from one panel to the next. Have it customized with your message today! See the description section below for postage rates. Learn More