Flying Slider
Flying Slider Flying Slider Flying Slider Flying Slider video

Flying Slider

Size:6" x 3 1/2

Price Range :$$$


If your marketing efforts have been falling flat, they'll take flight with this Slider that provides twice the movement. The action is so smooth that you'll swear it's riding on air. Thanks to the wings that appear during the slide, there are two times as many possibilities to land with your recipients.


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Standard Pricing Includes

10 pt Coated Cover Stock
Printing 4cp + Semi Gloss UV Coating
Die Cutting, Hand Assembly with 100% QC
Bulk Packing for shipment
Insert into Clear Poly Bags


6" x 3 1/2" Flat


0.6 oz each

Mailing Services/ Postage

Note: Postage is additional charge and will be calculated once your mailing list is processed. Final payment is due prior to mailing.

  • First Class Stamp: $0.99 ea (499 pcs or less)
  • Presort First Class: $0.56 - $0.80 ea* (price varies with data)
  • Presort Standard: $0.61 - $0.88 ea* (price varies with data)
  • Presort Non-Profit: $0.41 - $0.68 ea* (price varies with data)
  • *Orders of (500 pcs or more) qualify for PreSort postage pricing

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