Gem-Cut Gatefold
Gem-Cut Gatefold Gem-Cut Gatefold Gem-Cut Gatefold Gem-Cut Gatefold Gem-Cut Gatefold Gem-Cut Gatefold video

Gem-Cut Gatefold

Size:5.5" x 8.5"

Price Range :$$$


Once you see how eye-catching your copy looks with this Gem-Cut Gatefold brochure mailer, it may be nearly impossible to go back to those ho hum traditional designs. This innovative design features a colorful geometric shape on the front that has a cool 3D look. Teaser copy can be added to both side panels, creating curiosity for your recipients. The way the brochure is designed, recipients are naturally guided to hold it with both hands. To see what’s inside this Breakthrough Brochure they must then pull both ends.

And they immediately see the powerful message you’ve created for them. The inside of this brochure has a lot of space for a strong heading and direct marketing copy that makes a case for whatever it is you are offering. Geometric shapes combined with specially selected color combinations can do wonders for bringing attention to your marketing message. Make use of this Gem-Cut Gatefold in your next marketing campaign and see the difference in response.

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Standard Pricing Includes

10pt Coated Cover Stock
Printing 4cp + Semi Gloss UV Coating
Die Cutting, Hand Assembly with 100% QC
Bulk Packing for shipment
Insert into Clear Poly Bags


Finished Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Fully Opened Size: 16.5" x 8.5"


0.81 oz each

Mailing Services/ Postage

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  • First Class Stamp: $0.88 ea (199 pcs or less)
  • First Class Indicia: $0.83 ea (200 pcs or more)
  • Presort First Class: $0.586 - $0.794 ea*
  • Presort Standard: $0.573 - $0.825 ea* (price varies with data)
  • Presort Non-Profit: $0.369 - $0.621 ea* (price varies with data)
  • *Orders of (2,000 pcs or more) qualify for PreSort postage pricing

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