Small Exploding Page
Small Exploding Page Small Exploding Page Small Exploding Page Small Exploding Page Small Exploding Page Small Exploding Page Small Exploding Page video

Small Exploding Page

Size:5.875" x 4"

Price Range :$$$


Direct response messaging can be more memorable when recipients receive promotional pieces that offer a surprise element of some kind. This Small Exploding Page brochure is certain to gain the admiration of recipients who receive it with your marketing message included. This brochure starts out looking like so many other conventional brochures made by your competitors. However, there’s a lot more to it than what is apparent on the outer panel. By the way, this space gives you lots of room to add a bold statement (or images) that entices recipients to open the brochure.

Recipients can easily pull it open – causing an explosion of color and graphics to appear before their eyes. They are now captivated by what they see and start looking at the various messaging you provide in the blank spaces. Imagine how appealing your content comes across when you use this type of dynamic approach to direct mail brochures. There are countless ways you can use images, graphics and text with this exciting template.

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Standard Pricing Includes

80lb Coated Cover Stock
Printing 4cp + Semi Gloss UV Coating
Die Cutting, Hand Assembly with 100% QC
Bulk Packing for Shipment


5.875" x 4.0" Finished Size
11.5" x 9.5" Inside Page When Opened


1.00 oz each

Mailing Services/ Postage

Note: Postage is additional charge and will be calculated once your mailing list is processed. Final payment is due prior to mailing.

  • First Class Stamp: $0.99 ea (499 pcs or less)
  • Presort First Class: $0.56 - $0.80 ea* (price varies with data)
  • Presort Standard: $0.61 - $0.88 ea* (price varies with data)
  • Presort Non-Profit: $0.41 - $0.68 ea* (price varies with data)
  • *Orders of (500 pcs or more) qualify for PreSort postage pricing