Promotional Well Boxes

Everything seems a little bit more important when presented in a box. Our well boxes are sturdy and perfect for carrying a premiums and product samples. A zip-strip opening and collapsible sides makes whatever you send in our Fall-Away Box a special delivery.

Use Promotional Well Boxes to deliver:
  • Premiums and promotions
  • Product samples
  • Thank You gifts
  • Catalogs, brochures and collateral
  1. Fall Away Box

    Just tear the zip strip and the box falls away revealing what's inside. It has 12 fully customizable panels on both sides.
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  2. Large Well Box Mailer

    If you’re in need of an innovative and effective way to deliver to your clients, Red Paper Plane’s Large Well Box Mailer is the ideal choice. This large paper box direct mailer is fully customizable so that you can add your brand’s message and graphics for the ultimate delivery experience. Show off and send small products with detailed graphics and a secure well for placement. Send a thank you note that highlights your brand and adds a personalized message to your recipient. Deliver a gift card or treat in in a stylish and marketable way.
    Red Paper Plane’s Promotional Well Boxes, like the Large Well Box Mailer, are sturdy, detailed and available in multiple sizes. If the Large Well Box Mailer is too large for you, we have another smaller option as well. All of our Promotional Well Box Mailers are available to be ordered in bulk, so if you have a large number of deliveries to make or product samples to send, you can order a large quantity – all detailed with your graphics and message.
    Send out thank you gifts, product samples, promotions and more in style with the Large Well Box Mailer from Red Paper Plane.
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  3. Small Well Box Mailer

    When you’re looking for an effective and innovative way to send out product samples, thank you gifts, catalogs, brochures, promotions and more to your clients or associated businesses, the Small Well Box Mailer is a fantastic choice. This bulk order mailer design seamlessly blends graphic design, your brands message and a paper well for placing your item inside. This combination of visual marketing and mail design allows you to grab your clients’ attention and make a splash in an effective way. Each small mailer is easily broken down as well, so there’s no unnecessary pieces.
    This small paper direct mailer is a great way to promote your services to new prospects or to turn clients by introducing them to the full package of your brand. Our Promotional Well Boxes are also in a variety of sizes and designs, so if the Small Well Box Mailer isn’t the right size for you, we have other options that you can consider for an effective marketing strategy. These mailers are available in bulk, so if you have a large number of clients to deliver to, you can do so with ease as all mailers will feature your promotional material.
    Make a splash with clients both new and old with the Small Well Box Mailer – the perfect way to deliver your message, look and product to your recipient.
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  4. USB Well Box Mailer

    Valuable items deserve a box. This box was designed specifically to deliver your important flash drive.
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