Pinwheel Page Twist
Pinwheel Page Twist Pinwheel Page Twist Pinwheel Page Twist Pinwheel Page Twist Pinwheel Page Twist Pinwheel Page Twist Pinwheel Page Twist video

Pinwheel Page Twist

Size:6" x 6"

Price Range :$$$


This Pinwheel Page Twist brochure design makes great use of geometric shapes to create an intriguing direct marketing piece for your promotional campaigns. From the very first glance, recipients are treated to four panel quadrants containing different information about your company, product or service. However, this outer quadrant brochure information is just a teaser for what’s to come once they pull the corners of the brochure. A simple pull and the pinwheel goes into action, instantly expanding outwards until it doubles in size.

When completely unfolded recipients can admire the various geometric shapes that make up the large page. You can add any information you like to the white triangles in each quadrant. There is also a larger diamond space in the midsection for copy that supports your main selling proposition. Pinwheels are typically bright and colorful, and you can select any light and dark color combination that complements your promotional goals. Our downloadable template makes it easy to tryout various color options.

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Standard Pricing Includes

80# Coated Cover Stock
Printing 4cp + Semi Gloss UV Coating
Die Cutting, Hand Assembly with 100% QC
Bulk Packing for shipment
Insert into Clear Poly Bags


Finished Size: 6" x 6"
Fully Expanded Size: 12" x 12"


.81 oz each

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Note: Postage is additional charge and will be calculated once your mailing list is processed. Final payment is due prior to mailing.

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  • Presort Non-Profit: $0.41 - $0.68 ea* (price varies with data)
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