Healthcare Marketing

The hottest digital marketing tool? PRINT. When bringing detailed information to HCP’s and patients, all of the meaty stuff takes place online. But online marketing is unreliable and easy-to-ignore. Our interactive dimensional mail is rarely ignored. Healthcare companies are spending nearly $20 billion yearly to educate HCP’s on the benefits of prescription drugs. That’s a lot of competition vying for the attention of an already hard-to reach group.

While email and social battle for “Most Overlooked,” our brand of captivating direct mail engages with movement, dimension and even video to create memorable moments and lasting impressions that deliver 3X greater response rates than conventional mail. Our design-it-yourself, quick-turn solutions are powerful tools for Pharmaceutical companies and their agencies who want more results from less budget. Here's how we can help you stand out:


Deliver a Video Doctors Can Watch At Their Convenience

65% of executives visit the marketer’s website and 39% call a vendor after viewing a video. Red Paper Plane's Video Brochures and Mailers are perfect for education and to preview online resources.


Capture the Attention of HCPs

Mailing flat and popping into a fully dimensional cube, this design has undeniable staying power. It transforms into a desktop reminder once opened. It’s surprising, memorable – and very affordable. Hundreds of healthcare promotions have included our Pop Up Cube.


Educate Patients & Doctors

This is our Magic Changing Picture. It’s the perfect tool for communicating before/after, or perception/reality comparisons. It’s far more powerful than a postcard, and at under $2.25 each for 2500, a very affordable way to change people’s perceptions in an impactful way.


Drive Doctors To Your Online Materials

When inserted into a USB port, Web Keys take recipients to your pre-programmed URL. This is one of the many ways you can combine a high-impact print format with a digital element.


Marketing Results that Explode

Dimensional mail delivers the best B2B response rate of any direct mail at 8.51%. Our Exploding Page mailer increases to twice its size once opened, allowing you plenty of real estate for content and messaging.


Increase Patient Compliance

Education is the key to patient compliance, but medical information can be complex and intimidating to most people. Breaking it down into easy-to-understand sections helps. This is just one of our designs that let you feed readers information in sections, rather than throwing it at them all at once.