All Video Brochure Providers are Not Created Equal

With end-to-end customer service, 100% quality assurance, turnaround times in as few as 7 days, and savings up to 30% Red Paper Plane is the superior video brochure solution that will generate significant ROI.

Quick Turnaround

  • Delivered in as few as 7 days
  • Assembled and inspected in North America
  • Fully charged and ready to receive

High Configuration

  • From thick to thin - hardcover and soft-touch
  • More orientations, screen sizes, and buttons
  • Budget-friendly options

Features and Benefits

Each video brochure contains an ultra-thin LCD screen with built-in speaker and rechargeable battery that is embedded in a custom printed box or sleeve.

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  • Choose from brochures to boxes to business cards
  • Design-it-yourself templates
  • Full array of screen sizes and control options
  • Soft cover and hard cover designs
  • No minimum order quantities
  • Quick turn designs ship in as few as 7 days
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Extra? Over The Top? Always.
You’ll get a charge out of us

Before leaving our facility each video brochure is 100% charged. Those coming from suppliers who ship direct from China arrive charged to only 30%, due to shipping regulations.

Trust in the protection of 100% quality inspection

We hand inspect each and every brochure for quality and performance before it leaves our plant.

Our safeguards are built in

Our exclusive custom designed frame protects components and soldering points during shipping and mailing

User, meet experience

We’ve been leaders in Video Brochures since 2010. Having produced 1,000,000+ video brochures for marketers and their agencies, we’ve seen and done it all.

Proudly based in the United States.

We aren’t a China manufacturing ordering site like many of our competitors. We’re the e-commerce division of dimensional marketing pioneer, Structural Graphics. Based in Essex, CT, we’re powered by almost 5 decades of innovation experience.

  • Leaders in video brochures since 2010
  • Two wholly-owned North American manufacturing facilities
  • Only the highest quality components
  • Long-standing relationship with our certified electronics supplier
The Process at is ridiculously easy
  • Choose from over 25 designs
  • Order samples
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2. Price
  • Pick your options
  • Enter your quantity
  • Choose your delivery method
3.Create & Review
  • Download your template
  • Place your art and upload
  • Review and share online in 3D
  • Upload video and order
  • Immediate Project Manager review
  • Orders ship in as few as 7 days
We’ve helped clients achieve success in many industries, including these:

Higher Education

PHarMa and Healthcare



Business Services


Red Paper Plane proudly helps our customers grow
Dayton Children’s Hospital saw an 80% increase in physician referrals

To encourage doctors to refer patients to their new pediatric facility, Dayton Children’s Hospital sent a Video Brochure to 280 physicians.

  • Several pediatric offices requested a tour – exactly the desired result.
  • The video was seen by an estimated 700 people.
  • Referrals by physicians to the new facility increased by 80%!
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McDaniel College sees “Record breaking applications and enrollment”

McDaniel College saw terrific success from video brochures sent to prospective students and alumni. The videos showed stories of how faculty members influenced graduating students and alumnus helped scholarship students.

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Xzito video brochure connects with future AND past clients

To drive revenue growth and improve the customer journey, Revenue Growth Agency, XZITO sent past and future clients personalized messages expressing their thanks, and also introducing potential new business strategies.

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