Brand Awareness

 brand awareness

In a Marketing universe where hundreds of thousands of brands are all competing for one thing, capturing the attention of their target audience, it's difficult to stand out. Your audience is receiving over 100 emails a day, and traditional flat print isn't enough to make it past their front porch. Make your brand memorable by adding interactivity to your message. You'll engage, surprise and delight your customers. Prospects will pay attention to your message by taking notice of how you are saying it with dimensional direct mail that gets noticed.

Red Paper Plane’s engaging, attention-getting direct mail designs have helped hundreds of Marketers improve their Brand Awareness efforts and capture the attention of their target audiences. We want to add you to that list. Take a look at our Brand Awareness Case Studies to learn how you can be a successful Marketer with Red Paper Plane.


JLL Telescoping Slider

The Real Estate company used the Telescoping Slider to promote a building to potential tenants in an engaging way. Once the tab is pulled on the Telescoping Slider, additional panels for branded content are revealed.




DLA Architects Tablet Flapper®

The firm used The Flapper® to announce their new President in a clever and engaging way, due to the puzzle-like design.





Starmark 4.3" Telescoping Flip Slider Video Brochure

The Healthcare company used this video mailer to bring awareness to World Pride Day 2021. Once the tab was pulled, a panel extended out from the base, revealing a video screen on the inside once the cover was lifted.


KP Studios 3" Pop Up Cube

KP Studios used the Pop Up Cube to remind old customers of their brand and leave them with a desktop piece that might help them keep the design firm in mind for future projects.



First American 5" Video in Print Mailer

The equipment finance provider increased visibility among prospects with our 5" Video mailer. They shared additional info about their services in a format that would capture people’s attention, not get lost in their email inboxes.




Morefield Communications Magic Changing Picture

They used the Magic Changing Picture to build awareness of their healthcare technology solutions. Once the tab is pulled, the image in the die cut window changes before the recipient's eyes.



Fish, Wildlife, & Parks Pen Holder

The state government agency included this interactive Pop Up Pen Holder, which promoted the agency's brand beliefs, in a brand kit that conference attendees received.



Amertias SleekPeeks® Virtual Reality Viewer

Ameritas used our VR Viewer to create awareness for a new life insurance product. The project received positive feedback and excitement around doing something different than insurance companies usually do.




CBUSA Pop Up House

The group of independent builders used this pop up mailer to introduce the primary value proposition of their services to leads, branding their business in an engaging manner.



CMO to Go Video in Print Mailer

Their client used this Video Screen brochure as a way to introduce themselves to prospects and generate new leads. They achieved 18 calls in just a few weeks from this multi-sensory, high-impact mailer.


IMV Imaging Magic Changing Picture

In the midst of their re-brand, IMV Imaging used the Magic Changing Picture to show their clients the service and contacts they knew and loved wouldn't be affected. As the tab is pulled, the image in the die cut window changes.





Great Basin College Web Key Brochure

The College used the Web Key Brochure to promote their Career Technical Education program. Once inserted into the computer, the web key drove recipients to GBC's online communications.